Mountain Orientation Course


Blue Goose Aviation Mountain Orientation Course is designed for a pilot that has not flown in the mountains to gain general knowledge and experience in mountain flying. A pilot should be able to plan an effective safe route, based on pilot experience and airplane performance, through the Rocky Mountains from a paved runway to a paved runway. (This course is a prerequsiste to  Back Country Mountain Course.)

 This course is designed for the pilot who has at least a Private Pilot Certificate. We recommend at least 100 hours total time and 30 hours cross country time.

Any of our three aircraft are available for all of our training programs, please call us for rates and availability for your training. If you own your own airplane and are flying it out here our minimum requirement for this course is 160 horsepower.

 The course is customized for each individual student. The course can be from two to five days depending on the student’s expectations and proficiency. The following schedule is a typical three-day course.

Day One:
Student arrives at Polson Airport Polson, MT (8S1) or another destination set up by student and Instructor by 09:00 AM. Student receives 4-6 hours ground instruction on the following areas:
Density Altitude
Weight and Balance
Mountain Navigation
Ridge Crossing
Take-off and Landing Performance
Survival Gear
Physiological Training
Then we will do a one hour local flight going over slow flight, turns, short field takeoff’s and landings, soft field takeoffs and landings and teach you a mountain turn. The flight may be earlier in the day based on the aircraft and weather.

Day Two:

Cross Country flight from Polson to a few of many airports in the area agreed upon by instructor and student. Airport selection will be based on student proficiency, aircraft used, weather, and runway conditions.
The flight will be between 2 ½ and 4 hours. The afternoon will be open to the student for study, relaxation, or exploring the area.

Day Three:

Cross Country flights, into airports agreed upon by instructor and student. Student will improve on mountain flying techniques, route selection, and be working at a higher altitude than on day two. This flight will again be between 2 ½ and 4 hours.

Your Airplane
$840.00 for the pilot for two-day course in your aircraft.
$1260.00 for the pilot for three-day course in your aircraft.
$400.00 for the pilot for each extra day after three in your aircraft plus expenses.

Our Cessna 182 rents for $200.00 per hour, T-41 $185 per hour, and our Cessna 172 rents for $140.00 per hour – plan on 4- 7 hours of flying for the three day course.

This includes the instructor being available for questions and instruction on all training days. A minimum of 8 hours of ground school including pre and post flight briefings. Flight time will be between 4 and 7 hours over the three day course.

This quote does not include airplane and expenses involved with the airplane, lodging, or meals.

Payment Information:

All funds paid in US Currency via check.
A $500.00 deposit is required to hold your reservation.
The final payment is due (1) one month prior to your training.

If you cancel before ninety (90) days prior to the beginning of the training, a full refund (minus a $100.00 reservation fee) will be made.
If you cancel before thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the training, a full refund (minus a $200.00 reservation fee) will be made.
If you cancel within the last thirty (30) days before the training your $400.00 deposit is nonrefundable.

Remember this course is tailored to each student’s individual needs!