Flight Courses

 Blue Goose Aviation

All our courses are tailored to your needs and proficiency level.

Our planned flight courses at this time are:
Private Pilot Course
14 Day Instrument Course
3 Day Instrument Refersher Course
Mountain Orientation Course
Mountain Back Country Flying Course

Our Rates are as follows:


C 172M                               150 HP           VFR        $140.00 Per Hr
CR172E (T-41B)               210 HP           VFR        $185.00 Per Hr
C 182                                   230 HP          IFR         $200.00 Per Hr


Our Aircraft $60.00 Per Hr
Your Aircraft $70.00 Per Hr
Advanced Technical Trainer  $400.00  Half Day, $650.00 Full Day

Flight Training Device (Legal to Log time and approaches for flight currency)

Elite P135        $50.00   Per Hr   Plus Instructor
Redbird TD2   $50.00  Per HR  Plus Instructor