14 Day Accelerated Instrument Course

Why is a concentrated instrument training course desirable?

You receive consistent, in depth instruction.

You will retain information better with deeper understanding.

You will complete your license and be able to use your use your privileges in two weeks.

Many pilots may complete the instrument rating at their local FBO. However, most pilots start then stop then restart their training. This behavior leads to much higher costs and retraining. Often students never finish their rating. If you have already started your instrument rating already, how long have you been in training? How close to completing are you? Are you ready to consider an option to complete your rating in two weeks? Then a concentrated course to which you can fully dedicate your time and effort is the answer.

But what is the optimum length of time for a concentrated course that is effective and does not overwhelm the student. Consider the two examples below:

Blue Goose Aviation Other Instrument Company
Our 14 day course sets aside extra time for you to learn. Often home work is not completed due to long days so the next day is rushed and more stressful.
We work 6 to 8 hours a day with 1 hour of homework each night. You work 10 – 12 hour days with 1-2 hours homework each night.
We train 13 of the 14 days at 8 hours per day you receive 96 to 104 hours of instruction during the course.
Unlimited simulator use during the course, up to 10 hours may count towards your rating.
You train 9 out of 10 days at 10 Hours per day is 90 to 108 hours of instruction during the course.
If you are ready for your checkride prior to the 14th day, we will refund unused training day costs back to you. The course is planned for 10 days.
We plan to find weather during the training so you get some actual instrument flying time.

We tailor the course to your schedule and needs. We will set a plan with you prior to arriving at your airport. Now we may have to change some plans due to weather or other circumstances but will try to stay to our set plan. We can meet you at your airport or we welcome you to join us here in Montana for your training. A typical course has us:

  • Flying the first seven days at the local airport and training on our portable Flight Training Device (simulator).  We now have an Elite P-135 with Garmin 430 radio and a Redbird with G1000 radios.  For training aircraft we have a Cessna 182 with a Garmin 750 radio to do LPV approaches.
  • Next we plan on a three days of cross country flying so you see different approaches and weather patterns. We will work with you where you would like to go. This makes the training more like the way you are going to fly when you receive your rating. We can work this to stay in our local area the whole time if you would like or we can work to do more cross-country training with approaches away from home.  Like this paragraph started we will tailor it to your needs and training.
  • Last, we will work on the checkride profile for the next three days and the last day will be your checkride.


Items you the instrument client need to due to be ready for your course:

  • Have your written complete and current for our training dates
  • You the pilot should be current, if not add one day for aircraft check out and currency to the program)
    • Current Flight Review (We can cover this if we need to, but add an extra day)
    • Current medical certificate
    • Current Passport (For TSA Reasons, if you do not have one talk to us on other options)
  • If using your aircraft it must be flyable and have the following inspections or checks:
    • Current Annual Inspection
    • Current pitot static check
    • Current mode C transponder check
    • ADSB compliant
    • Instruments capable of flying IFR, if planning on flying actual IFR


Study Materials –  You may get these from us or order on line we are using the Gleim Study Course.

    1. Text book to read prior to our instructor arriving at your airport.
    2. The Instrument Oral Study Guide which also needs to be read prior to our arrival. (We will go over questions in this oral every day during training).
    3. The Instrument Airman Certification Standards.


Our 14 day instrument course costs are as follows:

We plan on 6 to 8 hours per day working together, Our instructor rate per hour is  $60.00 in our aircraft, $70.00 in your aircraft, or $100.00 if your aircraft is complex or Advance Technical Trainer.

$500.00 for our simulator.  10 hours of this time may be used towards your rating; however you may have unlimited use of the simulator while taking our course.
If we use our Cessna 182 plan on 40 hours of flying time including checkride at $200.00 per hour.

The total of these costs makes our training between$6380.00 and $11,700.00 in your aircraft in Polson MT, or
$13,540.00 and $15,220.00. in our aircraft in Polson, MT.  This price is based on starting from the beginning of instrument training.  If you already have some time and do not need the entire 14 days or 40 hours in our aircraft we will adjust the price accordingly.

Additional costs would be required if we traveled to your airport, or we travel from our airport on the cross country overnight.  If we travel to your airport our instructor fee is $650 per day with a planned work day of 6 to 8 hours, plus travel time, travel costs, and lodging costs.  Call us to recive a quote in your area.

If we travel to you:
* We will book our own accommodations.
* Rental Car – Our instructors will not need a rental car or one of yours cars. Please pick us up to fly each day and drop us off at our hotel and we will make our own arrangements for everything else. The other company demands a rental car or one of your cars for there instructor the entire course.
** Checkride costs are that of the client at the price of the local designated examiner.

While our course is still intense with a lot of learning going on it is not totally overwhelming like a 10 day course.

We accept Paypal or personal checks. Please call us to set up your training dates 719 393 5550.
A $1000.00 deposit is required for registration of the course.
Sixty days prior to your course start date a $2000.00 payment is due.
Thirty days prior to your course date the balance of your course payment is due.
You can always pay the entire course fee at registration.

If you cancel before ninety (90) days prior to the beginning of the training, a full refund (minus a $1000.00 reservation fee) will be made.
If you cancel before thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the training, a full refund (minus a $1500.00 reservation fee) will be made.
If you cancel within thirty (30) days prior to the beginning of the training, a full refund (minus a $2000.00 reservation fee) will be made.

I hope you consider Blue Goose Aviation for your instrument rating for professional concise training in a reasonable amount of time.

Joe Kuberka
Blue Goose Aviation