Alaska Tour June 2022

American Air Tour      

We have 6 airplanes on this tour at this time.  The tour is full and closed at this time.  If you are interested in a tour to Alaska please contact us about a future tour.

Our 2022 Alaska Tour will take place from 6 June to 25 June.  The tour will be broken up into three parts to give you more options.  Parts one and three are flown in your own aircraft while part two is a train tour in Alaska. If you desire you, your friends, or family may take the Airlines up to Alaska and join us on part two of the tour only. We hope this flexibility will meet more of our friend’s schedules and desires. The tour will be a minimum of 5 airplanes limited to 7 airplanes maximum on the flying portion and the Train Tour will be limited to a maximum of 15 people.

Part One
North to Alaska

Monday 6 June Cut Bank Montana to Red Deer Alberta
We will meet at the Cut Bank Airport 10 AM make sure your flight plan and Eapis are filled out and filed correctly. Then you will fly to Lethbridge Alberta to clear customs then on to Red Deer Alberta to spend the night and have our Welcome dinner.

Tuesday 7 June Red Deer, Alberta to Dawson Creek, British Columbia
Today we will fly to Dawson Creek, this is a nice flight over the plains of British Columbia. After taking care of the aircraft we will go to Mile Marker “0” of the Alaskan Higrhway. We will also visit two museums in town they are both fantastic; however, the museum on the “Building of the Alaskan Highway” has the most information about the highway that I have found.

Wednesday 8 June Dawson Creek to Whitehorse Yukon
Today we will fly over 600 NM if the weather is willing! Enroute we will make two fuel stops, one in Ft Nelson and one at Watson Lake. The first third of the trip is over farmland and forest, then it is over more forest and starting into more mountainous terrain. Whitehorse is a great place to visit for a while with excellent museums, history, events, and the fish ladder.

Thursday 9 June Whitehorse A non flying day.
We will visit a few museums and other interest points in Whitehorse while allowing some time for everyone to get some rest, and enjoy the town.

Friday 10 June Whitehorse to Fairbanks Alaska
This will be a flying packed day for everyone. We will fly from Whitehorse to Northway Alaska where we will clear customs and if possible get fuel. If no fuel is available we will continue on to Tok Alaska to refuel. Then it is on to Fairbanks Alaska. This will end our trip up the Alaskan Highway but not our tour. We hope to get into Fairbanks in time go downtown to the Ice Museum and walk around the downtown area.

Saturday 11 June Fairbanks Alaska

Today is arrival day to Fairbanks. If you flew up with us hopefully we are there and today will be a relaxing day to visit the city or I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve if we need to get out and do something. For those flying in on Airlines and meeting us please let us know what time you will arrive and we will try to be there to meet you at the airport.
This will be a fun filled day for everyone today. We will start off with a visit to Pioneer Park and the Pioneer Aviation Museum. We will top off the evening with our farewell dinner at “The Alaskan Salmon Bake” This is my favorite place to eat in Fairbanks. This is also a weather day if we had trouble flying up to Fairbanks along the way we would arrive today.

Part one of our tour is now complete, I have found in the past to try to set a schedule with what we want to do and fly does not work out all the time so we will due a train/train tour for the next leg of our journey so we may stay on schedule with our wonderful activities we have planned. We hope you will join us for Part two “The Train Tour”.

Part Two
The Train Tour

Sunday 12 June Fairbanks Alaska

This should be a fun filled day for everyone today. We will start off with a cruise on the Riverboat Discovery where you will see a float plane take off, a sled dog training facility, an Athabasca Village, and much more

Monday 13 June Fairbanks to Denali
We are on our way headed to Denali National Park. We will go through the visitor center and take a short hike in the park today. Keep a vigilant eye out for animals, Moose and Bear are the prime critters we hope to see.

Tuesday 14 June Denali
You will have an excellent day today on our 13 hour bus tour in Denali.  We will travel towards Kantishna seeing a lot of wildlife enroute.  This is a long day but well worth the trip.

Wednesday 15 June Denali to Anchorage
On our way to the big city. Anchorage has many activities to offer I have yet to visit Anchorage and not see a Moose walking around town somewhere. We will arrive late in the evening so we will hit the city in the morning.

Thursday 16 June  Anchorage

We plan on spending some time near the downtown area.  If you would like a bike ride on the Coastal Trail is a great experience.   If you are interested in a flight to see the bears this is the place to do it. Again, we are happy to help you set up this extra excursion if you are interested in such an adventure.

Friday 17 June Anchorage to Seward
This is a beautiful ride down the coast and into Seward.  Seward is the end of the train tracks and has spectacular views of the ocean.  We will spend some time in town today and visit the Animal Rehabilitation Center.

Saturday 18 June Seward

It’s fishing day!!! Yes we will be getting up early and going out halibut fishing today. This is always an adventure and a lot of fun. While out fishing we will also be looking for whales to come up to the boat. If you would like to keep the fish you catch and send them home – they will clean them, flash freeze the fish, box them and overnight deliver them to your home for a fee. We always send fish home and it lasts two to three years in the freezer if we do not eat it up before that time. The fishing is included in the tour, sending fish home is an extra charge. We will also cook some of our fish for dinner, talk about fresh!  If you are not interested in fishing please let us know so we can work another activity for you today.

Sunday 19 June Seward to Anchorage
We have most of the day in Seward today since our train does not leave until 6:00 PM.  The trip back will be nice and another chance to get some pictures along the coast.  We arrive in Anchorage at 10:15 PM.

Monday 20 June Anchorage
We have the day in Anchorage before we start back to Fairbanks.  We will visit the Aviation Museum, and walk around Lake Hood Seaplane Base today.  The rest of the oday is a free day for you to explore what you would like to do in the city or to venture out on your own.  We would be glad to give you some ideas if you need them.

Tuesday 21 June Anchorage to Fairbanks
Our train leaves at 8:15 AM and will be a long day on the train.  We have booked 1st class tickets for everyone today so you will have more room to move around, relax in the observation car, and meals are included.

 Part Three
Back to the Lower 48

Wednesday 22 June Fairbanks to Whitehorse
Time to repack the planes, check the weather, file our Eapis and flight plans and start flying again. Our route will be back down the river to Tok for fuel then to Whitehorse Yukon.

Thursday 23 June Whitehorse to Smithers
Today we will be flying from Whitehorse to Teslin (we do not land at Teslin) then if the weather is going to be good for the next three days turn south to a steep mountain range with the next road in 184 miles. We will stop for fuel at Dease Lake and then on to Smithers.

Friday 24 June Smithers to Cranbrook
Today we will be flying down a beautiful valley the turn east to Prince George then on to down the river valley to Cranbrook. Cranbrook is a port of entry and a town we can use to depart back to the United States.

Saturday 25 June Cranbrook to Kalispell, MT
We will file flight plans and put or Eapis into the system and it is off to Kalispell. Once we clear customs the tour is over; however, Kathy and I would like to invite you to join us 35 miles south in Polson MT, where we will take you to the Nation Bison Range that evening.

Events are subject to change due to weather, or other reasons.

Cost of the Tour
All costs are for two people, and one room

Payment Information:

Total price for all three parts $16,800.00

To make your reservation please call us at 719 393 5550 or email us at
We look forward to meeting you and having you join us on a trip of a lifetime.

Changes to the tour may occur due to weather, availability, or other circumstances.

Payment Schedule: All funds paid in US Currency via check. A $2000.00 deposit is required to hold your reservation.  Another $2,000.00 or the balance payment is required nine (9) months prior to your trip (7 September 2021). Another $4,000.00 or the balance payment is required six (6) months prior to your trip (7 Dec 21). Another $4,000.00 or the balance payment is required three (3) months prior to your trip (7 Mar 22). The final payment is due one (1) month prior to your trip (7 May 22).
Payment Method: Check Enclosed (US Checks and Currency Only) Cashier Check Enclosed (US Currency Only) Money Order Enclosed (US Currency Only)
Cancellations: If you cancel before ninety (90) days prior to the beginning of the tour, a full refund (minus a $2000.00 reservation fee) will be made. If you cancel within the last ninety (90) days before the tour, we, Blue Goose Aviation, Inc., can only provide a refund if we are able to rebook your reservation.

Inclusive Items All Airport Data and Necessary Charts, Flight planning materials, Gratuities, Four Dinners, (Welcome and Farewell) Hotel Accommodations, Transportation to Accommodations, Scheduled Activities, Weather Data Services.
Non-Inclusive Items alcoholic beverages all personal costs such as souvenirs, telephone calls, travel insurance, non scheduled activities, meals, transportation to or from tour starting point, tie down fees.