Aircraft for Rent

We offer three aircraft for rent at this time.


Cessna 172 M  1974  150 HP  $140.00 per hour.  This aircraft is our basic trainer as well as a good aircraft for short cross country flights.  It is VFR only but has dual VOR’s installed.



Cessna R172E (T-41B)  1967  210 HP   $185.00.  This aircraft is a good cross country and back country aircraft.  We have larger tires on this aircraft for the back country as well as a EDM 930 to manage the engine.  It is also a VFR only aircraft with 1 VOR and a panel mount Garmin handheld 660.


Cessna 182G  1964  230 HP  $200.00  This aircraft is insured for dual only at this time.  We do our instrument training in this aircraft with a certified Garmin 750 as the prime radio and a King 55 as our second radio.  We have now added two G5’s to the panel and a Garmin 500 Autopilot.  Makes for a stable platform and performance to learn instruments in mountainous terrain.


Call 719 393 5550 to schedule your checkout in any of our aircraft and training needs.