Private Pilot Course


Objective: Provide a safe effective learning environment for student pilots who want to earn their FAA Private Pilot License

Private Pilot Course

Blue Goose Aviation offers a private pilot course flown in Polson MT using a Cessna 172 aircraft.  The first question often asked is; what is the price to get a private pilot license?  The price to get your license will be between $6900 and $8225.  The following is what we come up with for minimums to get a license and what our average student takes to get a private pilot license.   Our aircraft rents for $120.00 per hour and our instructor price is $45.00 per hour.


Event               Minimum                 Cost                Our Average               Cost

Flight Hrs      40 Hrs                        4800               50 Hrs                        6000

Flight Inst     20 Hrs                        900                 25 Hrs                        1125

Ground Inst   20 Hrs                        900                 20 Hrs                        900

Books                                                   300                                                     200

Total                                                   6900                                                   8225

Please call us if you have any questions on earning your private pilot license.